5 medicine ball moves to work your entire body

5 medicine ball moves to work your entire body

Looking for a fun and full body workout you can complete in less than half an hour? Here’s a medicine ball workout which will hit every muscle group and burn those calories in no time! So don’t hesitate, pick a medicine ball that’s an appropriate weight for you and let’s great straight to the workout!

Starting with the warm up
I always recommend a good 5-minute warm up on a cardio machine or jogging on the spot. The rower is a favourite of mine! Be sure to build up the intensity throughout the warm up – by the end of your warm up you should be starting to sweat!

The workout: medicine ball circuit
Perform each of the following 5 exercises for 10 repetitions, back-to-back. Then rest for 1 minute and complete the circuit 4 more times.When performing these exercises, try to be explosive so you can complete this circuit as fast as you can.

Medicine ball slam – Squat down to pick up the medicine ball. Raise it high above your head and stand on your tip toes, and slam the ball down to the floor. Follow the ball down and repeat! This works your triceps, legs, shoulders and core. Great starter!

Touch and raise – Starting with the ball by your side and on the floor, squat down to pick it up. Stand up while raising the medicine ball towards the ceiling. Then bring the medicine ball down to the opposite side. Make sure you touch the floor every time. Going side to side switches up the range of movement while working your core, legs, arms and shoulders.

Medicine ball throws – So, you have a couple of options here. If you’re doing this workout by yourself, throw the medicine ball against a wall. If you’re completing this workout with a friend, take turns throwing the medicine ball high and forward to your partner. Firstly, squat down to pick up the ball. Come up and bring the ball into your chest then throw it high into the air. The throwing action will work your chest, as well as your legs and core.

Sit ups – Lie on your back holding the medicine ball into your chest. Place your feet flat on the floor and keep your core tight. Raise your knees and raise your upper body off the floor. If this is too easy, hold the medicine ball above your head. This exercise does a great job on the core!

Russian twist – Start in sitting position with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lean back at about a 45 degree angle, raise you feet slightly off the floor. Keep your core tight and back straight and upright. Next, twist your shoulders as far as you can go left to right, touching the floor with the ball on each side. This one is working your core to hold you in place and will work your obliques, enjoy the burn!

And that’s your workout complete! Remember to cool down and be sure to implement a range of static stretches after to help with recovery. You will have worked core, chest, legs, biceps and triceps all in these exercises so focus on stretches that help to lengthen these muscle groups.

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